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Sound, Silence and the exploration of Consciousness

When I was in my late teens and after moving out from my parents home, I was living in a small apartment in Italy that was located on a busy main street. At times when I was in the kitchen preparing a cup of tea or doing nothing in particular, I would notice that the sound of the traffic on the road or the water boiling in the tea kettle was suddenly carrying a particular flavor, very difficult to describe…almost like a mixture of nostalgia and longing: as if every sound had a long tail, like an echo. 

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Shastro flute

Anchors into the Now

When we listen to someone playing music we rarely realize how much involved is the act of listening, not only for us but for the musician too. As a matter of fact the musician himself – and I am speaking from personal experience – often does not realize that! 

What I lately noticed is that when I allow myself to deeply listen to the sound that is produced while I am playing, when I try to penetrate the very core of that sound, the quality of the music changes. 

I’d like to make a practical example but I…

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Planet and clouds

You, me and the planet

I was born and grew up in Northern Italy, near Venice, in a city that was well known to be the one that had the least amount of trees and green areas per inhabitant in the whole nation. I remember as a child looking outside of the window, my eyes scanning the skyline searching for the tip of a tree. Finding one, I would let them rest on its green leaves and its branches swaying in the breeze. I was filled with a sense of awe and vastness, a sense of divineness that felt far more real than the Catholic ideas…

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