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Me, Osho or Existence?

The birth of the music for the No Dimensions Meditation 

Not long after the first photo shooting (story on my previous note: Let’s put the fan on now!) I came to know that Avikal and I would have the…

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Let's put the fan on now!

Remembering the first photo session I had with Osho. 

I’m looking at this ant walking on the immaculately clean marble floor. She looks pretty busy, and it looks like she really knows where she’s going. I’m just watching her…

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Anchors into the Now

When we listen to someone playing music we rarely realize how much involved is the act of listening, not only for us but for the musician too. As a matter of fact the musician himself – and I am speaking…

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You, me and the planet

I was born and grew up in Northern Italy, near Venice, in a city that was well known to be the one that had the least amount of trees and green areas per inhabitant in the whole nation. I remember…

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