"Silence is presence of your awareness, your being. Fill your silence with your own presence, radiance,
and feel it as a positive phenomenon; don't look at it as absence of words.  It is not absence.
If you can be positively silent, if you can enjoy it, if you can rejoice it, you will be tremendously benefitted. 
You have to listen in silence to silence. Neither words nor deeds but utter silence. And then your very life becomes
a sweetness, and your very life becomes expressive, then your existence has a grace.
And that is the song, that is your sermon.

                - OSHO from: Silence is the Answer

Doorway to Silence

 Meditation means to enquire into ourselves, to bring the light of awareness into our inner space, eventually helping us understand - or better say experience - who we really are. 
Even though this process can be quite simple, it is often made difficult by the constant traffic of thoughts that clouds our perceptions. To help us facilitate that inner perception we can use different methods. One of them is through the awareness of the senses. 

The senses - a natural gift we all received with this physical form - are like a doorway that in one direction leads to the perception of the outer world but once we invert the direction it takes us to the inner space and to the one who perceives. From object to subject. Or we can say from the content to the container. 

In this meditation we use the sense of hearing as our entry doorway. 
When we listen attentively the traffic in our heads naturally stops because consciousness, engaged in the sensorial perception, is removed from the thinking process. 

Sounds travel through the hearing organ, the ears. The ears are naturally always open,  receptive and available; but they are only an open channel. It is the inner space, it is consciousness that perceives the sounds.
Without consciousness we do not perceive sounds and that is why for example
one can  fall asleep in front of a blaring TV without hearing anything. 

During this meditation we will take advantage of this natural quality of hearing that does not need any efforts on our end but only a relaxed attention: through it we can perceive the vitality of the inner space - which is an intrinsic part of the joy of being. Through the body we can move beyond it and discover that in us exists something vaster. 

Through music - and all the surrounding sounds - alternating with periods of meditative silence, we will be able to be more present to the Now and perceive the inner space - that is alive and beyond time - in which everything happens

 - Shastro

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