"Down the ages, in all the mystery schools of the world, music has been used as one of the greatest helps for meditation, for this purpose only – because the outer music can trigger the inner music, it can create a synchronicity. 

Listening to the outer music, something can be stirred inside. That always happens when you are listening to music, great music: something inside you starts falling into one unity, a silence is created. 

For a few moments the crowd of so many quarrelling minds disappears, the marketplace in you disappears,
suddenly there is silence."   ~ OSHO 

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Ongoing in 2019... 
Shastro will be facilitating a 5 days meditation retreat - that includes Yoga and Conscious Movement classes as well - once a month at Mandali Retreat Center in Italy. The retreat will end with the live music meditation Doorway to Silence (in the photo). To know when Shastro will be there check the Calendar or contact Mandali or events@shastro.com

Doorway to Silence

Doorway to Silence

Introduction to Meditation with Shastro ~ A video series

This video series I am creating  is not about learning any technique - meditation is not a technique but a state of being. It is my hope that sharing whatever understanding I gathered in the last 35 years of practice might be helpful to people who want to deepen their understanding of meditation. Particularly useful for people approaching meditation for the first time, but not only.
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Read here the beautiful story about the birth of the music for the Osho No Dimensions meditation, by Shastro

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