"Silence is presence of your awareness, your being. Fill your silence with your own presence, radiance,
and feel it as a positive phenomenon; don't look at it as absence of words.  It is not absence.
If you can be positively silent, if you can enjoy it, if you can rejoice it, you will be tremendously benefitted. 
You have to listen in silence to silence. Neither words nor deeds but utter silence. And then your very life becomes
a sweetness, and your very life becomes expressive, then your existence has a grace.
And that is the song, that is your sermon.

                - OSHO from: Silence is the Answer

Following is a list of what Shastro offers while going around the world...


The Hara or Dan-Tien is the center in the belly where the energy the body needs to move is stored and generated. When people live in touch with this
center they live a healthy life.
The format is a little similar in the very beginning
to the meditation Lathian if you know what it is.
We tune into the Hara in total stillness while the music starts and we do not move until the Hara is generating the movements in us. Starting very slow but also building up to very vigorous movement. We could also calling it the Dance of the Energy. It's a fine tuning work within oneself  where at times the dancer is
no longer there but only the moving energy is.
When we dance from this center our dance is relaxed, fluid, sensual and alive! A typical example is the dancing of some of the people from Africa, a culture
very connected with the Hara center. 

image courtesy of Milo Weiler


Kirtan is an ancient format of singing in a group, typical of India, where we often sing with a call and response format (but not only). A beautiful way to generate and rise the energy while at the same time falling into a space of union with all the participants, unifying all hearts while riding high energy waves and softer moments. A true Bhakti path!

MINDFULNESS sitting sessions