"Silence is presence of your awareness, your being. Fill your silence with your own presence, radiance,
and feel it as a positive phenomenon; don't look at it as absence of words.  It is not absence.
If you can be positively silent, if you can enjoy it, if you can rejoice it, you will be tremendously benefitted. 
You have to listen in silence to silence. Neither words nor deeds but utter silence. And then your very life becomes
a sweetness, and your very life becomes expressive, then your existence has a grace.
And that is the song, that is your sermon.

                - OSHO from: Silence is the Answer

Online Meditations via Zoom ~ Weekly

Go to sign-up to group  by clicking on image above

Go to sign-up to group by clicking on image above




If you are interested in participating you can sign up to my FB group and I will keep you posted on the online sessions happening with me. Just click on the photo to get there or send me a message at events@shastro.com.




Stepping into the Now

 In the ever present Now is where we can fully experience Life
in all its splendor. From this self-fulfilled space we are then able
to relate to ourselves and to others in a more real way. 

Bringing our full attention to the present can be a very easy practice once
we understand how to bypass the thinking mind that keeps us always
moving either into the past or into the future
and away from the living present. 

In this workshop we will experiment with various simple forms
of meditation that use different “anchors” into the present moment:
from sitting to walking meditation, to perceiving the inner body
and using our physical form and the senses to experience
our formless essence within.

All of these meditations are inspired by Osho’s guidances that
Shastro received during the almost 40 years he has been with him. 
As part of this process Shastro will also play for a
Doorway to Silence live music meditation (see below).

At the end of a retreat with the Italian Sangha

At the end of a retreat with the Italian Sangha