"Whether listening to my spoken words, or listening to a flute player, or listening to the birds in the morning, or sitting by the side of the waterfall and listening to it, the same experience can happen. It happens not from what you listen to, it happens because you listen. Just listening gives you total silence; in deep listening you disappear. The whole art is how to listen. 

Once you know how to listen, in deep receptivity, sensitivity, you are not there. The listener is not there, only listening. And when the listener is not there, there is no ego: there is no one who listens, only listening. And then it penetrates to the very core of your being."      -  OSHO


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Ongoing in 2018...
Shastro will be facilitating a meditation/yoga/dance retreat once a month at Mandali Retreat Center in Italy (available as a 3, 5 or 7 days). The retreat will end with the live music meditation Doorway to Silence (in the photo). For more info go to Mandali Experience. To know when Shastro will be there contact Mandali or events@shastro.com

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