To sit in meditation with Shastro has been a profound experience for me as he is creating a space of deep silence where one can easily experience the inner witness emerging. With forty years of personal practice as his background he is able to create a space where both beginners as well as advanced practitioners can deepen their meditation practice, feeling safe and open hearted. Because of his light and non-judgmental approach I have often seen something really magical happening
to the participants. 

~ Elisabetta Bellucci
manager at Mandali Retreat Center,Italy

Shastro has proven himself as one of the more versatile performers in the realm of world fusion music - an artist who never fails to surprise and enchant
with every  soundscape he creates.

- Music Design In Review, USA

One of the most prominent authors of New Age music  in the USA of the last 20 years, Shastro has so far published under his name more than 18 albums among which:  

Zen Notes - Best Meditation album nominee at the 2000 New Age Voice Awards  

Tantric Heart - Best New Age album nominee at the 2001 AFIM Awards  

Reiki Offering - Winner for Best Reiki Music at the 2001 COVR Awards  

Shamans' Healing - Winner for Best Healing album at the 2003 Visionary Awards  

Shastro lived for several years in India with his spiritual master - Osho - where he had the opportunity to deepen his approach to meditation and to music. Later on he moved to the USA (Hawaii) where he created his music label Malimba Records, that distributes worldwide music for meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Reiki and the Healing Arts.  

Some of the other practices that influenced his formations are the martial art Aikido - that he practiced for 15 years and also taught at the Osho Ashram in India - Kyudo, also known as Zen Archery, Sufi Whirling and Argentine Tango that he taught for several years in his own school on Maui, Hawaii. He considers all of them important forms of meditation in movement that helped him have a taste of what in Taoism is called Wu Wei - action without action, or effortless action.

"To me Shastro represents
the epitome
of New Age Artists.
His music is so gentle, sweet, and filled with light
that to hear it is to smile and take a deep breath,
no matter how tense and nervous you might be."

                                                         - Steve Ryals, Syndicated music reviewer, USA

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