You are Divine! ~ Empowering your True Self in dark times 

Our True Self is our divine nature, is what we are born with and what connects us - and is part of - a much larger divine force (The Force in Star Wars, or what I also call The Source), in which the whole infinite universe exists. 

What doesn’t allow us to be aware of our True Nature is our ego self, which is an over-imposed, multilayered, bunch of preconceived ideas and concepts that we acquire after birth in a slow but steady process of assimilation that ends up becoming our (ego) identity. This identity slowly takes the place of our True Self that gets left - so to speak - in the basement, becoming only - if we are lucky - a distant memory. 

When we talk about ‘the inner search’ we are referring to the process of searching how to reconnect - or becoming again aware of - our True Self, allowing what is in the basement to come to the surface again. But to reach to the surface it needs to go through the multilayered over-imposed ego. That is done by sharpening and using our awareness, our capacity of inner observation and remove all the layers that are only a construct, all the identities that are not really who we are but have been put in there by the society at large. 

Most of these layers are made to make us fit into the society, to become ponds on a chessboard where the bishops, towers and horses (the religious leaders and the politicians) are playing the game for the kings and queens (those that are invisible but run the show, those who form the so called shadow governments of the world). 

In these particular layers all kind of informations have been recorded for the purpose to make us disconnect from our divine nature (i.e. we are sinners). Once that has become part of our ego- identity we feel small, powerless, overall inadequate and somehow ‘wrong’. In reality our True Self is vast, powerful, beautiful and divinely perfect. 

The crowds, the masses, are comprises of people that are completely oblivious of this game, are not aware that have been programmed to be what they are, to be what they think. In a way they are kept from developing into grown-up individuals, remaining like children that project a father figure on an hypothetical God and who believes that those in power are taking care of them and whatever has been told to them via the TV and other government channel is the truth and is said for their own good. 

Once you are able to understand the game you start removing your identity from all those layers, you start moving away from the collective subconscious and developing an intelligence that is based on experience, observation and awareness, thus becoming more and more a unique individual in your own rights. 

In these times we are witnessing a strong polarization that sees on one end the enslaved masses still believing what they have been told by the daddy-government and on the other end the individuals who based their perception on their own intelligence. Some, fewer people are still oscillating between the two, trying to find where they belong. 

If you feel a resonance with what you have just read it surely means you are an individual on the way to reconnect with your own True Nature…it means you are no longer a pond but a King or a Queen or even better said a God and a Goddess in human clothes. 

You are intelligent, you are powerful, you are beautiful and you are part and expression of the Divine Source. 

Always remember that and trust yourSelf. 

Namaste (I salute the Divine in you)  ~ Shastro

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