What is intimacy? Let’s see… 

Intimacy with the other - and I am not referring only to the sexual aspects - is expressed in many different ways, and it can be a very nourishing space, probably because it is a primordial experience that is embedded in the very cells of our bodies: from the very beginning, from the first 9 months of our life we live in a profound symbiosis with our mother’s body. 
To experience real intimacy one has to feel through their heart and through their body and senses: it is indeed one of the qualities that makes us humans. Intimacy is the sharing of our being with another being. 

In these recent times of Plandemic there has been a huge push to cut any expression of intimacy among people at its very roots. Some people are no longer able to access their heart but they can only relate through fear and suspiciousness. This process is de-humanizing the way we relate to each other and with the society at large. It is compromising the expression of our sensuality - the capacity to experience openly through our senses - which is an aspect of being able to have joyful embodied encounters, an expression of our vitality, our Èlan Vital, our Life Force. 

The other side of the coin and an important aspect that we need to consider is the intimacy with oneself, which to me is what meditation is all about. Many of us are often running away from that; it scares us because allowing ourself to feel that often means diving within in a space of deep aloneness where our ego can no longer being stimulated and nourished by external reflections. It feels lonely in there. If we keep going in we then reach a threshold where we feel as if we are disappearing (the ego is) and that can bring up a lot of angst. At that point if we let ourselves feel all that and fall through that loneliness, that anguish, that existential anxiety, we then surprisingly start touching a space where we feel we are much more connected with the whole Existence. 

So the paradox is that letting us dive into the scary parts of ourself allows us to come out on the other side feeling more connected to everything and everyone. 

It is of paramount importance learning to reside in that intimacy with oneself. It is the ground in which the flower of self-love can blossom and then intimacy with the other becomes the very fragrance of that flower. 

After all you are your closest and most intimate friend you have.

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